[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]Méa Fisher is an American electronic music DJ/vocalist born on April 10 in Kansas City, MO. Upon discovering she had a passion and natural talent on the turntables, she moved to Chicago in 1999 and began making a living as a DJ playing in the clubs. She rose to fame as a sassy, house music DJ who knew how to work a crowd as well as the decks.

​In the late 90’s the record label, Underground Construction, discovered she also had a powerful singing voice. It was then she went into the studio for the first time, paired with producer, Spero Pagos, where she made her first hit single, “Better Day” which was featured in the soundtrack for the film, Intervention, and spawned numerous remixes. In 2000, at the dawn of the new millennium, the label After Hours released her first globally released DJ mix CD in 2000, Shaken, Not Stirred,featuring her own singles as well as her own live vocals layered throughout the mix. She was getting noticed and had a reputation as a talented DJ with radical sex appeal, elaborate stage costumes, a beautiful voice and a dynamic stage presence.

In 2001, Méa joined up with the The Funky Tekno Tribe and went on tour with legendary deejays as one of the only few female DJs in the entire electronic dance scene. She landed the cover of DMA Magazine the same year. That sparked her combined DJ and singing career and she went in the studio to collaborate with many other artists including legendary house singer, Ron Carroll, where she delivered songs to the Soundmen On Wax label and world reknown DJ and producer, Miguel Migs, on the Dialogue label. She also worked with famed producer and artist, Nynex, aka Josh Achtley, creating many debut singles for multiple record labels. Her hit singles with Nynex, “Red Light Go” and “Simplest of Things” then led to a tour.

​Also in 2001, she moved to Hollywood, CA where she established herself as one of the top female DJ’s and performers in the EDM music scene. She was also featured as a special guest vocalist on DJ Richard Vission’s CD, “Damn That DJ Made My Day” on Tommyboy Records. She has DJ’ed multiple times at the PlayBoy Mansion and many other prestigious clientele events and the hottest night clubs in America but she didn’t stop there. Méa went on to become an International stage sensation, touring the world with her live dj and singing performances for over a decade. She was regularly booked Internationally, performing mainly throughout Asia, Africa and both North and South America and Mexico.

​Wanting to progress further into making her own music, in 2010 she created the live techno band, MeAndMyMachine, her first name being the first three letters. The band played the Hollywood circuit along with the west coast and it was soon thereafter that in 2011, she caught the attention of the legendary sexed-up electro-rock/industrial band, Lords of Acid, who invited her to join their band and be in two world tours and an album as their lead singer. Her collaboration with techno innovators, Lords of Acid, both on tour and on their latest studio album, Deep Chills, was an opportunity to explore new territory in the feminist realms while still being the front woman for them. In 2017, Méa headlined Sextreme Fest 2017 Tour with Combichrist, En Esch, Night Club, Wiccid and Christian Death as the frontwoman, until passing the torch in 2018.

​Other musical projects include a song in a movie score that lead to a soundtrack single to the major motion picture, “Freelancer’s” starring Robert DeNiro, Forest Whitaker & 50 Cent. The following year she did a live performance at Coachella as herself with her live band, opening the festival both weekends. She has also established her voice and production skills to the gaming world as a music producer for video game developers, Kung Fu Factory, having created music for games available on Xbox and Playstation.

​Recently, her focus has been on production skills, using her own vocals and writing her own original tracks, currently being in the last stages of having them mastered. She has spent the past few years mastering computer and production programs such as Ableton and Logic, producing and arranging tracks into songs and working with others to create her next projects. She writes her own music and lyrics, delivering her performances with a lot of attitude, energy and personality. Some recent production includes collaboration with Lonny Paul, Adlers Appetite, which can be described as electro-rock with beautifully layered vocals from her sexy, sassy voice combined with her Nord Lead keyboard and his live guitars, delivering driving beats with sexy bass and intricate drums, demanding an audience. Méa plans to promote her new music with a live show and go on tour. Her music has been described as various genres, mainly EDM House, Breakbeat, and Electro, all with elements of rock influence.

​Méa is the full package. She is a performer, a musician, a dj, a vocalist, and a producer that loves to collaborate with other artists, constantly seeking new sounds to bring to fruition. She has a voice that demands to be heard and a look that demands to be seen! She hopes the world is ready and open to listen and watch! She is currently in the studio with artist/producer, En Esch, and is hoping to release all new material this year. Stay tuned![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]